Helpful tips to minimise risk in a hijacking.

Living in South Africa, you should be used to the ever-increasing number of reported hijackings across the country by now. Although this is a very unfortunate reality, it is a common violent criminal act commuters face on an almost-daily basis.

With the average citizen not being able to control or predict the moves of perpetrators, there are surely a couple of easy precautions to take to minimise risk and exposure to high-risk situations such as hijackings.

1) Share your route

If you are using a mapping service, consider sharing your route or live location with family members so that they can track your journey. Alternate your routes and routine to ensure your schedule isn’t predictable to anyone who may be watching you or targeting your vehicle.

2) Be conscious when pulling out of your driveway

Did you know that most hijackings occur close to home? Around 80% of hijackings happen in driveways by hijackers who have likely been watching your daily habits. Always check your surroundings when pulling out of your driveway.

3) Always check your rear-view mirror

If you suspect that you are followed, slow down at least two or three houses before you arrive at your intended destination. Try and force the vehicle behind you to pass. Keep driving past your destination and stop at a police station or flag down a security company for help.

4) Don’t fall for the 1’tap tap” trap

Never get out of your vehicle when someone drives gently into the back of your car in traffic. Rather drive to a busy location or the police station as this trap is often used by hijackers to get you out of your vehicle.

5) Avoid smoking in your car

Another tactic that is often used by hijackers is forcing a fire weapon into your open window while you are smoking in your vehicle. If possible, try to avoid smoking in your car and always remember to keep your windows closed and door locked when approaching a known hijacking hotspot.

A known saying, prior proper planning prevents poor performance. Taking the necessary precautionary steps could be vital when it comes to your road and vehicle safety.

Should you ever feel in trouble, don’t hesitate to contact the Trojan team on (011) 792 0738.

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