Periodic testing of your alarm system is essential. PHOTO: Sourced.

Often in the event of an emergency, there are no second chances. Your Alarm System must work flawlessly when needed. That’s why we would like to urge our loyal Trojan customers to always keep in mind that periodic testing of your alarm system is essential.

How to test your alarm:

  1. It is of the utmost importance to first advise the Control Room of your intention to test.
  2. Once your system is in test mode the signals being sent to the Control Room will be disregarded. The operator will inform you if the signal was successfully received.
  3. In order to thoroughly test your Alarm System, you need to arm your alarm as normal (as if you’re going out). Wait outside for 2 minutes then enter the house without disarming the System intentionally activating the motion detectors by walking in front of them. This should trigger the alarm.
  4. Allow the siren to sound for at least 40 seconds.

We recommend doing an alarm system test every 30 days.

Should you require any assistance in the testing of your alarm, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful team by contacting (011) 792 0738.