Roofs can often be overlooked when security systems are put in place and yet they are often used as access point to intrude a building. Installing a sensor in the roof as a preventative measure can really help in cutting down the risk.

Installing a sensor in your roof as a preventative measure can help in cutting the risk of intrusion. PHOTO: Sourced.

Here are some tips to keep your roof burglar-proof:

  1. All rooftop hatchways, air ducts and air vents should be covered by security bars that are securely fastened. Glass skylights should have burglary-resistant glass and security bars or a steel grill.
  2. Don’t make it easy for the burglars to get up on your roof by having exterior ladders or a trash container against your exterior wall. Ladders to your roof can be relocated indoors and you can move and secure your trash container away from your exterior wall.
  3. Install motion sensors in your ceilings to detect any movement.
  4. Place beams around your premises so that trespassers can be detected before even making it to your roof.
  5. Ensure that you have sufficient lighting around your premises to deter criminals from entering your premises and increasing your chances of seeing someone lurking around your garden.

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